50 Simple Ways to Make Life Better

1. Read this entire list!
2. Say please.
3. Say thank you.
4. Say excuse me.
5. Accept a breath mint.
6. Brush your teeth.
7. Make your bed.
8. Smile!
9. Give a hug (or two or three).
10. Give a genuine compliment (or two or three).
11. Attend a free community concert.
12. Send a card or write a letter of appreciation.
13. Memorize a meaningful quote or poem.
14. Keep your car interior clean.
15. Hold a baby.


16. Spend time star-gazing.
17. Give a gift hand-made by you.
18. Be grateful.
19. Go for a walk.
20. Learn how to laugh with others and at yourself.
21. Allow yourself to make mistakes.
22. Allow others to make mistakes.
23. Pick up trash.
24. Listen to a friend’s favorite music.
25. Invite a guest for dinner.
26. Learn something new about your town.
27. Visit a museum.
28. Plant flower seeds.


29. Play a game with a child.
30. Sing a song.
31. Encourage someone.
32. Hold a door open for someone.
33. Let someone hold a door open for you.
34. Let someone else go first.
35. Let someone tell you their story.
36. Sit quietly and be still for 5, 10, 15 minutes.
37. Try something – anything! – new to you.
38. Give something away.
39. If you love someone, tell him or her.
40. Let an elder teach you something.
41. Let a teen teach you something.
42. Accept assistance.
43. Learn a few words in another language.
44. Put some change in a cup.
45. Go somewhere you’ve never been.
46. Visit with a friend.
47. Say yes to an invitation.
48. Stop saying “I don’t care.”
49. Recycle something.
50. Leave a happy note on a car windshield.
51. Occasionally fast from social media.
52. Share this post.
53. Make your own positive list.


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