What A Waste!

I sank into the swamp of self-loathing, self-pity, and straight simple self-hatred. I struggled with what I have done, what I haven’t done, and what I likely will never accomplish. I looked at myself in the mirror and said to my reflection, “What a waste.”

You know what? I was right.

Now, I know I am not a waste, although let’s face it, at some point in each of our lives each of us may likely feel that way. However, that wrong thought may cause us to think deeply about some of the things we are doing. My thoughts stayed on the track of “What a waste,” but not directed at myself.

My “What a waste” insight directed me to some of my wasteful habits, and some more responsible efforts.

Wasting resources

  • Re-running bathwater

How many times have I run my bath full of hot water, and walked away for just a few minutes, only to forget about it and return a few hours later to a cold tub?

  • Re-washing laundry

I am sure I am not the only one who has ever had to put a load of laundry back in the washer because it sat for two days and soured. Just because many people do it doesn’t make it okay.

  • Cooking too much food

This one is a learned habit rather than a forgetfulness habit. I have six children, and have spent a major portion of my adult life cooking for a veritable army of mouths and stomachs. I need to relearn to cook for only two, something I have never really needed to do until just recently. Unfortunately, this waste leads to the next waste…

  • Not using leftovers

Since my husband and I do not require that I cook for multitudes, we do not need leftovers for multitudes. And the food goes bad and and into the trash.

  • Purchasing non-necessary duplicates

Oh my goodness! I have purchased a plethora of paper plates because I either couldn’t find them or didn’t know I had any due to disorganization. I have recently had three entire gallons of milk at once (mind you, two of us live here and one of us doesn’t drink milk) because I didn’t know there was a gallon in the kitchen fridge and a gallon in the garage fridge. Wow. This doesn’t even touch the craft supplies – the nonconsumable craft supplies, like paper punches and stamps – that have made their way into my cart because I didn’t know I already had the.exact.same.thing.at.home!

Wasting time and energy

I have frequently looked back over my day and thought, “Where did the time go? Just what did I accomplish today? Anything? Anything at all?” Granted, in recent time, I have had to answer myself, “I am sick. I am exhausted. I have a reason.” that is not always the case, though. I still have to be accountable for what I can get done on the days that I am not required to get bedrest. Most days, I can still do something.

Wasting space

My house is fairly large, and as I mentioned earlier, it is mainly my husband and me at home. I have more than enough space to take care of our needs comfortably, and can still help out other people in need, host meetings and get-together, and have space for our twelve grandchildren to play. Why does it feel so crowded then?

Because I have too much stuff and I have too little organization.

Wasting worry/emotions

Sometimes the biggest issue out of all these is that I let my emotions and worries take control and I am sent on a wild careening ride for which I did not intend to buy a ticket! I am stuck in a time suck, or I am captive in my bed because of stress-induced illness, or I am self-medicating with shopping, or I lash out at loved ones.

There are solutions. I promise there are solutions. Since we have spent some time and heart identifying the problems, I will address actual, doable, feasible solutions for each of these wastes of time. Stick with me for the next post.


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