Monthly Archives: August 2018

Bujo Bandwagon

This page makes me angry.

A few months ago, I decided (again) that I need to make wiser use of my time (again) and I need to be more productive (again), especially with my obligations (again).

The magic answer seemed to be…



Did I realize at the time that a bujo (shorthand for bullet journal) was such a trend? No.

Did I realize that, due to my artsy-fartsyness – yes, that is a word, at least to me – and my perfectionism, it would take two+ months to put together in a manner satisfactory to me? No.

Did I realize that keeping a bujo would have such a huge impact on my daily life. No!


…as I fill out my bujo night after night, this particular page seems to smack me in the face with its empty blankness.

What a slacker.


…the bujo has done its job. Here I am, tapping away on my keyboard, determined to say to that blank page, “Take that! See, I can do this!!!”

Wait a minute. I CAN do this!

Is it possible to be grateful for a blank piece of paper? Why yes, yes it is.

Thank you, my beautiful bujo. Let’s do this again soon.