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Monday Memes defines “meme” as:

a cultural item in the form of an image, video, phrase, etc., that is             spread via the Internet and often altered in a creative or humorous way.

More easily explained, a meme is a picture with a phrase that gets a point across.  I enjoy creating memes, both the photography/making illustrations and the search for/creation of quotes and comments.  Sometimes, they are funny, sometimes, they are serious, and sometimes they are simply something to ponder.

Enjoy and feel free to share and use these memes!

you reap what you sow

If al the world were colorblind

guilt trip

Together we are an ocean

Satisfaction in solitude

We should always proceed

We learn by reflecting

say something kind

Happiness comes

Life becomes easier



Never Too Late


Did I offer peace today

urgent or important

Against the current



spending time with children

Love others

hospitality home

a mother is born

an egg in the nest


skinperspectivetime pic

A Beautiful Thing - Mother Teresa



List Lady

I am not a naturally neat and tidy person.  I struggle with so-called “lazy” tendencies, partly because I have health issues and partly because of lack of motivation and, yes, just plain laziness.  I am also very much a list lover – I have lists for almost every part of my life!  A short list of my lists:

  • To do list for the home and a to do list for general stuff
  • A list of Christmas presents already purchased or made, and a list of Christmas presents to purchase or to make
  • A list of Christmas stuff to do other than gifts
  • A list of art projects I want to do/make
  • A list of ideas for advice memes to make
  • A list of inspiration ideas for this blog
  • An ongoing grocery list

My lists help keep me organized and getting tasks done, even the very mundane tasks of everyday living.

The list I use most is my Planner Pages Project.  This is a list in calendar form, with daily tasks and duties entered with boxes for checking off completed responsibilities.

planner pages

planner pages multipage screenshot

planner pages two page screenshotYes, I do have brushing my teeth listed as a task!  Some days, it is a great accomplishment to even get that part of my list completed, and being able to check even one item off is a great mental boost.  I also have eating breakfast on the list, because I tend to forget to eat breakfast, and I have to eat before I take my medications, so if I don’t eat, I don’t take my meds.  Bad deal.

Another list I use daily is posted on my bulletin board near my work desk.  This one is a block calendar dividing my day into blocks for work focus.  This helps keep me on task and also keeps me from spending too much time sitting and working at the computer.  I have scheduled active and passive time frames, along with creativity chunks.  This same calendar will not work for everyone since not everyone has the same kind of time frame as I do.  Still, it can be useful when conformed to individual needs.Block schedule

I carry a steno-type notebook with me everywhere.  As I think of things that I need to do, to make, to write, to buy, to tell someone, I write it down in this notebook.  I have discovered that, partly as a result of getting older and partly from certain health issues and medications, my short-term memory is not as good as it once was.  By keeping this notebook handy at all times, I am much less likely to forget important tasks that come up, as well as ideas and inspiration.

list pic

Maybe you don’t need a list to get through your day – kudos to you!

Maybe you only need a grocery list and a normal calendar to be effective – kudos to you, too!

Maybe, like me, you need multiple lists just to function like a semi-responsible adult – kudos to you most of all, because you realize and recognize that you need the help and are willing to take steps to manage your schedule.

time pic

Little Lessons – Movie Night Gift Baskets

I am introducing a new category for Everything Beautiful E311 called Little Lessons.  These posts are about something you can do that is quick and easy and fun!  Confession: most of the time, Little Lessons will be posted when I really should write an in-depth, awe-inspiring, soul-searching and thought-provoking missive, but I just don’t have the time or motivation to dedicate to such an endeavor.

In other words, Little Lessons will likely make frequent appearances. winkie

šMovie Night Gift Baskets


This project is simple and cost effective, and almost always appreciated!  Most of the items you need to make this same basket may be found at Dollar Tree.  I included a popcorn tub, decorative shredded paper, microwave popcorn, hot chocolate mix, and a variety of theater-type candy boxes, along with the shrink-wrap bag.  Everything except for the hot chocolate came from Dollar Tree, which I would have purchased there but all of the boxes were crushed or bent, and that doesn’t make for a great gift presentation.

Total cost for this gift = $11 + gift card amount!

movie basket stuff

Here the steps.  From start to finish, it took me five minutes to assemble each gift box (minus the last one, since I was photographing the steps for you – not an easy feat since I only have two hands and an iPhone).

Step one: Filler.  I added a crumbled sheet of brown packing paper I had on hand for a fuller look, along with two bags of the decorative paper shreds.  You can use more or less to get the look you basket stuffing

Step two: Stuff.  Arrange the items in the popcorn tub.  I like to be sure that the recipient can see everything in the tub at once.  This requires layering and stacking, placing items at angles and differing heights.stuffingOOPS!!!  

(I just realized that I bought a box of “light” popcorn!  I hope they don’t mind…)

Step three: Nest.  The shrink wrap bag comes folded neatly and usually is rather stiff.  Open up the bag and then crush it down into a nest shape.  It is much easier to place the box inside this way rather than trying to slide the box down into the bag without dumping the contents.nest

Step four: Bag.  Straighten the sides of the bag and make sure the box is centered, then gather the top of the bag just above the contents, using your non-dominant hand.bagging the basket

Step five: Shrink.  In our house, there is one hair dryer and one curling iron, and both of them are kept in the studio/craft/room/music room.  This is about the only place they are ever used, and only for crafting.  Holding loosely onto the bag (because the air has to get out somewhere, and if you hold too tight, the bag won’t shrink due to the trapped air), use the hair dryer set on medium-high to high depending on your dryer.  Move the dryer slowly back and forth across the shrink-wrap bag.  As the bag heats up, the plastic will begin to tighten.  Do one side at a time, paying attention to the corners of the pieces inside the bag.  Let the plastic shrink around the corners of these items so that they will not easily shift when moving the completed bag.shrinking

Step six: Bow.  In the shrink-wrap kit that I purchased, a pull-type bow was included. You can use this bow or you can tie the bag with your preferred method.  Leave longer strings attached for the next step.bow almost finished

Step seven: Card.  I highly suggest giving a gift card for a movie rental unless you have included a movie DVD inside the gift bag.  Place the gift card inside an envelope.  Using a hole-punch, place a hole in the top left hand corner of the envelope.  Pull the long string that is attached to the gift bag through the hole and tie.  Either curl or trim the ends of the string.

the gift card

Step eight: Give.  Your movie night gift bag is finished and ready for the lucky recipient of your choosing!tada!