List Lady

I am not a naturally neat and tidy person.  I struggle with so-called “lazy” tendencies, partly because I have health issues and partly because of lack of motivation and, yes, just plain laziness.  I am also very much a list lover – I have lists for almost every part of my life!  A short list of my lists:

  • To do list for the home and a to do list for general stuff
  • A list of Christmas presents already purchased or made, and a list of Christmas presents to purchase or to make
  • A list of Christmas stuff to do other than gifts
  • A list of art projects I want to do/make
  • A list of ideas for advice memes to make
  • A list of inspiration ideas for this blog
  • An ongoing grocery list

My lists help keep me organized and getting tasks done, even the very mundane tasks of everyday living.

The list I use most is my Planner Pages Project.  This is a list in calendar form, with daily tasks and duties entered with boxes for checking off completed responsibilities.

planner pages

planner pages multipage screenshot

planner pages two page screenshotYes, I do have brushing my teeth listed as a task!  Some days, it is a great accomplishment to even get that part of my list completed, and being able to check even one item off is a great mental boost.  I also have eating breakfast on the list, because I tend to forget to eat breakfast, and I have to eat before I take my medications, so if I don’t eat, I don’t take my meds.  Bad deal.

Another list I use daily is posted on my bulletin board near my work desk.  This one is a block calendar dividing my day into blocks for work focus.  This helps keep me on task and also keeps me from spending too much time sitting and working at the computer.  I have scheduled active and passive time frames, along with creativity chunks.  This same calendar will not work for everyone since not everyone has the same kind of time frame as I do.  Still, it can be useful when conformed to individual needs.Block schedule

I carry a steno-type notebook with me everywhere.  As I think of things that I need to do, to make, to write, to buy, to tell someone, I write it down in this notebook.  I have discovered that, partly as a result of getting older and partly from certain health issues and medications, my short-term memory is not as good as it once was.  By keeping this notebook handy at all times, I am much less likely to forget important tasks that come up, as well as ideas and inspiration.

list pic

Maybe you don’t need a list to get through your day – kudos to you!

Maybe you only need a grocery list and a normal calendar to be effective – kudos to you, too!

Maybe, like me, you need multiple lists just to function like a semi-responsible adult – kudos to you most of all, because you realize and recognize that you need the help and are willing to take steps to manage your schedule.

time pic


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