Putting Off Procrastination

Oops, I did it again…


I promised myself that I would not allow myself to play either of my online games today until I wrote this post

and I haven’t.

What I have done is sorted through hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of emails in my inbox because I kept putting off dealing with anything that was not immediately important.

What I have done is spent a few hours perusing Pinterest after opening the app to find a certain quote I wanted to use today.


What I have done is not get much of anything done that I intended to get done today.


While we are postponing, life speeds by.  – Seneca


In Fifty and Fabulous, I shared three goals I have set for myself, optimistically confidant they will be accomplished this year.  Goal one is fifty blog posts written and published.  This marks my second post since setting that goal six weeks ago.  Seriously slow moving…  Goal two is completing fifty projects.  Now I have given myself a copious amount of leeway on the definition of “project.”  Still, I have completed … one project.  Quick photo for both proof (and I am quite proud of how my office shelves turned out *pats self on back, then quickly stops because ‘ouch‘*) and as a sneak peak of an upcoming – hopefully sooner than later – post.


Goal three is to lose fifty pounds.  I have lost four.  Now, that is nothing to sneeze at, considering how difficult and painful it is for me to even get out of my bed some mornings. Still again, four pounds is a looooooong way from fifty.


The fact that aren’t where you want to be should be enough motivation. – unknown


A long-held, long-observed season is almost upon us: Lent.  Traditionally, individuals will choose to fast, whether from certain foodstuffs, like candy or meat, or certain activities, like social media or video games.  I myself do not believe that these are harmful in and of themselves, but I would like to put a twist on this fasting observance.  How about giving up something harmful?

An accepted adage holds that one can make or break a habit in 21 days.  While that is not necessarily true, repetition does increase success.

ephesians-4-22-24image found here

I aim to put off putting off the tasks I should do and need to do.  How about you?

What are you waiting for?  Do it now!


and I am one step closer to goal one…


1 thought on “Putting Off Procrastination

  1. Dave S Lessaris

    Motivating words to start my day. Timing was good as I prepare to be out of the office for a week very soon. Need to get things organized sooner than later.


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