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TMI? Top Ten Toilet Tips

toilet tips

  1. Make extra rolls of toilet tissue available and easy to find in every bathroom. No one, especially a guest in your home, wants to let everyone know when they are in need of this commodity.
  2. Have flushable wipes handy, also. A number two clean-up is sometimes not so effortless, especially for the elderly, the ill or disabled, or the young ones.
  3. Supply an air freshener of some sort. A candle and matches are not necessarily the safest offering.  Friends swear by a product called Poo~Pourri.
  4. Keep small supplies of sanitary necessities nearby for your lady friends. Some brands of these products carry variety packs with different sizes to cover most needs.
  5. Place a pack of disposal baggies near the sanitary supplies. This will help cut down on “accidental” flushes down the toilet of said items, thereby cutting down on plumber’s visits.
  6. Locate a small lined wastebasket within reach of the throne. See previous item.
  7. Establish a location for a plunger near each toilet. See item one.
  8. Invest in a self-closing toilet seat and lid set. No more smashed fingers and other “extremities” for the little ones, and no more jarred nerves from the slamming of the lid.
  9. In addition, change to a high-rise toilet, especially in the master bath. White toilets never really go out of fashion and rarely wear out from use.  Our bodies, on the other hand, do age and sometimes become difficult to manage.  Take care of your future self by preparing now.
  10. Make the bathroom a pleasant place to pass time, among other things. On average, by the time one is eighty years old, we have spent nearly three years using the facilities, not including showering and hand-washing.  There is no reason it cannot be beautiful!

*Bathroom Bonus*

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