Just Another Day…

imageSo, this is normal for me.

I pick up my empty coffee cup from the table and go to the kitchen to refill it. After putting sweetener in my cup, I open the trash to throw away my empty Splenda packets. I see the dishwasher is cracked open a bit and I start putting away the clean dishes. As I put away a clean coffee cup, I remember I was going to fix another coffee. I place the cup on the coffee maker stand and realize that I forgot to get the meat for supper out to thaw. I go to the garage to get the meat from the freezer and see that I forgot to shut the garage door when I came home, so I shut it. I come back in and put the meat in the microwave to thaw. I start to fill my coffee cup and I decide I should probably look up the recipe for shepherds pie instead of winging it. I get on Pinterest and waste fifteen minutes looking at popular posts. Then I find the recipe. I start cooking the beef in a skillet, and go to get a drink of coffee and find I still haven’t made a cup yet. So I finally make the coffee, turn around to take a drink, and see the dishwasher standing open with six clean glasses still in the top rack.

…and that was just about a half-hour of my day… Is it any wonder I don’t get anything done?


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