Top Treasure Hunting Tips

Goodwill Outlet

Goodwill Outlet Stores are like an Adventure Land to me.  I never know what fantastic finds I will discover!

Here are a few of my trophies from my last shopping trip.  Total cost?  $42.09!

drying rack


globe armillary

guitar and wine carrier

ice cream churn



  1. Take and wear gloves. Gardening gloves, work gloves, vinyl gloves – any type that are durable and comfortable for you to wear are best.  Winter gloves (knit or crochet), thin fabric gloves, or thin latex and or plastic gloves are not recommended since they will tear easily or allow “stuff” to get through to your skin.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. This is not a quick in and quick out shopping trip.  It is more of an adventure or safari.  You will spend a lot of time on your feet.  Wear shoes with adequate support and cushioning that do not have open toes (safety).
  3. Wear comfortable clothes. Again, this is not an instant gratification stop-and-shop.  Be sure that your outfit is one that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Also, be sure that you have a front pocket in which to keep your cash/cards, phone, car keys, and so on.  DO NOT leave your purse in a cart!  Better yet, don’t take your purse in the store at all.
  4. Be aware of your cart and your surroundings. I have had a fantastic find taken away by someone that shopped out of my cart!  You will encounter very kind and well-mannered people, and you will encounter others that will snatch your treasure right out from under your nose, right out of your hand, or right out of your cart.
  5. Take a friend. Almost everything is more fun when you have a companion.  If you know each other’s favorite things, specific “on the prowl” items, or needs for work/play, you tend to find more great stuff!
  6. If you know there is a possibility of purchasing a large item, like a chair or table, arrange to drive a vehicle large enough to transport the item home. The store will not hold items for you until you can return with appropriate transportation.
  7. Have fun! This is the most important tip of all.  If it isn’t fun for you, don’t do it.  A proper mindset is invaluable for this type of shopping.  Treat it as a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt.  Some days you could come away with absolutely nothing.  Other days, you have a massive haul of goodies.  Either way, do it for the adventure and not for the shopping list.
  8. *BONUS* When you do discover a fabulous find, share photos with your friends!



I have some favorite finds that go into my cart immediately!  These include: wooden blocks or wooden toys in almost any condition; globes; clocks; doilies and lace pieces; balls (solid or inflated – it is too much trouble trying to find out if a ball is just flat or has a puncture); Fisher-Price Little People; wooden train track parts; baby dolls in good condition (cleanable); picture frames; craft supplies; stuffed animals in decent condition (I can sew and don’t mind mending); Matchbox/Hotwheels vehicles: and baskets in good condition.

I urge you to give Goodwill Outlet shopping a try.  If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go back.  But if you do like it, you will be hooked!


2 thoughts on “Top Treasure Hunting Tips

    1. teeohemeye Post author

      The number of stores will depend on how much time and energy I have. Here in the Indianapolis area, we have four – one in Greenwood, one on West Washington, one one the north side and one on the east side. I wouldn’t say the outlet stores are better, just different. It is a different atmosphere, different clientele, different expectations. Comparing the two kinds of stores is much like comparing apples and oranges.


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