Little Lessons – Road Trip!

My next vacation is only a few days away, and I am so stinkin’ excited!  It seems like our family tends to vacation during the warmer months, and we are stuck at home during the colder months when I would do anything to get away.

But not this time.

It is almost Frozen February, and I get to go someplace warm!

Cruise vacation 2012 240

The first and last legs of our trip involve travel by car between Indiana and Florida.  Two days of road travel doesn’t have to be terrible.  Planning and packing appropriately will resolve much of the stress of being on the road.

When packing for a two-part trip, I use separate luggage pieces, so my needs for road travel are not mixed in with my needs for cruise travel.  (See my cruise travel tips and packing tips.) I pack for comfort first and foremost!  Sitting in a car in tight jeans for hours is not my ideal form of relaxation.  I pack mostly workout/sweats outfits that I can dress up just a bit with a scarf or sweater for dining in a restaurant road stop.  If you choose to wear yoga pants or leggings for comfort, please be certain to throw on something to cover your intimate intersection for modesty, please!


Other items to remember for your road trip:

Small pillow – Unless you are the designated driver for the entire distance, you may want to snooze for a bit

Dramamine or similar if you are prone to motion sickness

A book to read or puzzles to work, knitting or crocheting, or a tablet loaded with no-wifi-required games

A small blanket – No two people have the same capacity for air conditioning or heating needs, and you don’t want to ruin a vacation by an argument over sweating or shivering!

Prescription or oft-needed over-the-counter medications

Toiletries, including wet wipes – You may want to freshen up during fuel stops and meal breaks

A car charger for your electronic devices since batteries run down quickly when roaming

Plenty of change for tolls – Even if the planned route does not include toll roads, you never know when you may have to be diverted from your plans.  Be prepared!

Snacks!  Include some fresh fruit and vegetables.  Snacking on all carbs, like chips, candy and crackers, can leave you feeling logy and lethargic, and they can mess up your digestion with all of the sitting required when on the road.  Also, bring lots of water and less or no soda.


Some other travel tips:

Take a photo of your car and of the license plate.  This will help when checking into a motel and in case of any incidents during your travel.

Get an oil change and have fluids in the vehicle topped off.  Check tire treads and tire pressure.  Clean out the inside of the vehicle of unnecessary items while you are at it, and vacuum the interior.

If you have reserved rooms at a night stop along the way, be sure you have copies of the reservation confirmation.  Check for coupons and deals online before traveling.

Cruise vacation 2012 203 (2)

Now get out there, explore, take lots of picture, make memories, and have fun!!!


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