Challenge Accepted!

I have accepted a challenge to post every day during the month of September, following a list of guidelines for each day’s post.  This will be quite an experience since I am still relatively new to the blogging world, but I look forward to the test!

Here is the daily list of prompts:

September Blogging Prompts

Hello Neverland

Let’s see what kind of beautiful adventure we have this month!


September 1 – Share your favorite coffee drink recipe.

My favorite coffee drink recipe is likely the coffee I drink every morning.  It consists of coffee brewed by my husband, with three packets of Splenda and some almond milk.


The coffee drink that started my love affair with the bean is also very simple.  Before pouring the coffee, place the contents of one packet of hot coca mix (without marshmallows) into the coffee cup.  Pour the coffee and add milk or cream.  On our honeymoon cruise, on the first night after dinner, I asked our server for a packet of hot cocoa mix with my coffee and cream.  The remaining eight nights after dinner, my coffee appeared at the table with the cocoa mix already in the cup!

My favorite coffee to go out to get is from Starbucks (of course).  It is a venti White Chocolate Mocha with two pumps of raspberry syrup and whipped cream.  This would also be known as “pink coffee” at the Starbucks that I frequent.  Yummmm…  A copycat recipe for this deliciousness may be found at Mommy’s Kitchen.

September 2 – What fall wardrobe items are you dying to wear?

My favorite things to wear in the fall have to be my sweatshirts, especially my Colts sweatshirts!  Comfy and warm, not too tight (actually a little on the baggy side).  I don’t know why because they are not classy at all, but they just make me feel so good.

I also like to wear my scarves.  I have quite a collection, and that collection is still growing!  Scarves are a fun and functional accessory that can be worn from very elegant occasions to very casual places.  Helpful hint: I store my scarves in over-the-door shoe organizers.  They don’t get tangled, and I can easily see them all when choosing one to accent my outfit

scarf organizer

September 3 – Make a fall essentials shopping list.

My fall essential shopping list.  Hmmm…  Well, it doesn’t specify what kind of essentials, now does it?

  • Mums! I fill almost all of my outdoor planters with mums, and sometimes tuck them in for some color where I don’t have planters, but I do have bare spots after the summer perennials have faded.
  • Pumpkins.  Real and artificial, inside and out. I don’t carve Jack-O-Lanterns because we don’t really do Halloween decorating.  That may change, though, since the grandbabies are getting bigger.  Some of my husband’s fondest memories of his grandfather involve carving pumpkins.
  • At least one new scarf. Is it possible to have too many scarves?
  • A new Indianapolis Colts top. I have to cheer for my team in style, don’t you know?!
  • This year, I will be hunting for two perfect pairs of boots, one pair in brown and one pair in black.
  • I will be stocking up on cranberries when they appear in the stores. I always seem to run out before the season ends because I love them so much ♥♥♥
  • After all that shopping, the last thing I would add to my essentials list is a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Heaven!

September 4 – Show us how you decorate for fall.

Show us how you decorate for fall?  I will have to come back to this one after I have decorated for fall.

September 5 – How do you keep yourself organized as things get busier and busier?

To keep myself organized as the season gets busier and busier, I rely heavily on my Planner Pages.  This is a binder that I have created that is specifically geared toward my needs.

planner pages

On each page I have my personal morning tasks, my daily cleaning tasks, my weekly cleaning tasks, and then anything that I assign to that day, including appointments and such.  More about my Planner Pages will be coming in a blog post dedicated to that topic.

September 6 – What fall traditions does your family have?

We host a party for the first away game of the football season for the Indianapolis Colts.  We invite friends and family, we provide the meat, the TVs and the location.  Everyone pitches in their favorite side, salad, or sweet.  We have a great game room so anyone who is not necessarily a football fan can still enjoy the get-together.


September 7 – What sports traditions does your family have?

Haha!  My family fall tradition is also one of our sports traditions!  We also enjoy going to Purdue Boilermaker basketball games (my husband’s Alma Mater), but they start more toward the end of fall.


September 8 – What new hobbies have you tried recently?

I haven’t started any new hobbies recently.  I do, however, have a few that I would like to try.  One of these hobbies is tatting.  When my Grandma died, I was given her tatting shuttles.  That was thirty-three years ago, and somewhere along the way, I lost them.  I have wanted to learn how to tat for a very long time, but I do not know if I am at a stage in my life right now where I can dedicate the time to learning this craft.

I also would like to become a better photographer.  Almost all of the photos and memes that appear in my blog pages are from my own pictures, and I know that I am unaware of many techniques and practices that could up my game.

What I really want to do is get my already artsy-fartsy self in gear and complete the barely begun and not-quite-finished projects done that are accumulating in my craft room!

September 9 – Share a recipe for your favorite football-Saturday snack.

One of my favorite football snacks (and we will change that Saturday college heading to Sunday for the NFL) is ham and cheese sliders.  These travel well for tailgating, and I have yet to bring leftovers home!  The recipe can be found at Eating on a Dime.


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